Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daily Life: The Tyranny of Sleep


Two nights with short and choppy sleep. One night with what was
probably too much sleep. I'm moving through the day mostly on autopilot.

I went out to lunch today. I walked over to the cafe. I walked around
and looked at everything. Nothing appealed to me. I gave up and
started walking back to the office. About halfway back it dawned on me
that I was...really hungry. Appealing or not I had to eat something.

So, that something turned out to be a turkey tarragon soup. And that
turned out to be more of a celery and onion tarragon soup that may or
may not have actually had anything to do with turkey. It was edible.

After lunch I came back to the office and I am now sitting here on a
training teleconference that is drawing to a close. It was relatively
boring. Once it ends, I am going to go out and take a short fast walk
and hope a little bit of bloodflow helps. If it doesn't I am
definitely destined for a nap a the end of the working day.

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