Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Wonderful Day for Wandering

I slept in this morning. Well, actually I woke up, blinked a couple of
times, got a drink of water and then went back to sleep. I finally
rolled out about nine a.m. and took a shower. I fired up the coffee
pot, made a bowl of Special K, and then went online and chatted for a
while. Some of the chats were pleasant and others were the usual
drama. In short, an ordinary morning.

The gift of the day though is the sun beaming from a bright blue sky.
I am currently sitting in line at the car wash with a couple of dozen
other people who also thought "today would be a great day to go get
the car washed". This car was has a coffee shop, being California and
all, so soon enough I will have a cup of hot coffee in hand and I'll
be sitting in the sun and basking.

And as quick as that - I am! There is a cool breeze blowing out of the
west, but the sun is brightly shining and the blue sky is beautiful. A
wonderful day for wandering.

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