Monday, March 23, 2009

Daily Life: A Day for Other Days

I spent most of the day today at home, recovering from a particularly
wicked bout of stomach flu that kept me up all night in a half way
fevered state.

Yesterday was a day that will ultimately inspire the writings of other
days. I tried writing about it a couple of times today but I am
emotionally too close at this point.

So, in the shadows of a personal tempest and the aftermath of stomach
flu I did everything I could today to stay focused and centered. It
wasn't easy. I wanted to spin off center a couple of times, but didn't.

That is one of the advantages of age and experience - perspective.
When I am feeling sorrowful it is a fairly simple thing
for me to reflect on those far, far darker places I've been through.
It does not lessen how acutely we may be feeling something, but it
does place it in perspective.

The present is what it is. The future will unfold as it will. We are
but ships on the seas of fate, our course is not decision, but destiny.

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