Friday, March 20, 2009

Daily Life: I Dream Of Aliens

Okay, I had a strange and cool dream last night, very vivid. I dream I was riding along a two lane highway in a Jeep with a tall and dark haired woman. Of to the south of the road we saw an animal staggering on a hillside. We drove off the road and up into some very rough and hilly county. The animal turned out to be a horse - at first we thought it was injured (it was swaying and staggering), but on closer observation we determined it was very sick.

We started back tracking the animal to see where it came from. Ultimately, the back track led us far deeper into this rough and forbidding terrain. The woman was a very skillful driver as we negotiated passage through rock and hillocks. There were a couple of times where I was climbing tightly to the roll bar for fear that the Jeep was going to overturn, but she always successfully kept us right side up.

After a few miles of heading in a southeasterly direction we came upon another dead horse, lying in a small valley between two hillocks. We left the Jeep there and unpacked two large backpacks of equipment and set out on foot. We moved very cautiously, crawling to the rim of each ridge and peering over it. We continued this way for several miles before we reached a point where the ridge we were on fell off to a great still lake.

At the far side of the lake we could see a compound of buildings. We made our way cautiously down the side of the ridge to a position near the edge of the lake. We hunted around for a while and found a cave that gave us a position of good shelter and an unrestricted view of the compound across the lake.

We spend several minutes putting together what looked like a pair of surveying lasers on heavy tripods. Both devises were connected together with cabling and joined in a control mechanism. The woman turned the device on and calibrated it with the control. Then, we put on amber goggles and something that looked like a lightweight hazmat suit. I knew (in the dream) that they were to protect us from radiation burns.

Looking at the compound across the lake through the amber goggles we could see that it was surrounded by some sort of energy shield. The woman turned on the device and began playing it across the energy field. Every time she did the compound erupted in invisible anti-aircraft and anti-missile fire. At first, it was very targeted and controlled.

The woman would run the device, the compound would fire back into the air, and we repeated the process several times. Each time the fire from the compound (twin flashes of light, spinning off in all directions) became more and more furious. I realized that what the woman was doing was spoofing an automated defense system on the compound. What every signal she was sending was being interpreted by the automated defense system as an attack and it was responding accordingly.

After spoofing the defenses several times the woman did it once more, this time provoking a furious cascade of fire that lit up the night sky and then suddenly…ended. A moment later a single drone skipped overhead at low altitude with the quite roar of a muffled fan-jet engine, leveled off over the lake and unleashed two missiles, which arced out and stuck the compound, destroying it. I realized what the woman had been doing was depleting the compounds automated defenses so it was vulnerable to attack. I understood, in the dream, that this was all part of a secret (and invisible) war that was going on with hostile aliens.

It was a very cool dream in an almost complete narrative.

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