Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Dream Door Opens

About four o'clock this afternoon I laid down to take a nap and ended up sleeping about two full hours, maybe a little longer, so I may be up later than usual tonight.  It was an uncomfortable nap.  I had the window closed, but while I was sleeping the apartment got nice and stuffy, so I awoke from a dream into a muggy, stifling room.

I had a deep dream, or I should say a dream that stirred deeply in my subconscious.  As I've gone through assorted life changes here in 2013, some of them, though they are on my waking mind, they have been pretty heavily suppressed in my dream world, 

Today was the first time that I dreamed of some of those life changes and, perfectly appropriately, I dreamed of them in the form of an email - since words were such an important facet of the last couple of years. I don't really remember the contents of the dream, or the details of the dream, but I woke with the feeling that the door to that part of my subconscious had been opened up and I am sure their are other dreams to follow as I process things.

My evening has been simple, I had a muffin with cream cheese for dinner, chased it with a big container of water, called Bill for a good conversation, and then have spent the evening watching a true classic "Little Big Man" with Dustin Hoffman and Dan George. It's an excellent movie. Now, I am going to wonder off and watch the rest of it.

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