Sunday, March 17, 2013


Last night I had a vivid dream that was mostly inspired by the book I've been reading, Caitlin Sweet's "The Pattern Scars". 

In the dream, there was a Sorcerer who was capable of entering peoples dreams and influencing the person through the dream.  Something had happened to me and I believed that it has been done by this Dream Sorcerer, so I went to another person with expertise on dreams who taught me the basic defensive awareness in dreams and painted a symbol on a dagger, so I could carry the dagger into the dream with me.

That night, when I laid down to sleep, I envisioned my dream self as leaving my body and standing sentinel behind the door.  Sure enough, late at night, the Dream Sorcerer slowly entered my room, except this time, I was ready.  I stepped out from behind the door and grabbed him across the chin, pulling as if I was exposing his neck.  He immediately raised his hands to claw at my hand and to protect his throat.  With his arms thus raised I stabbed him three times in rapid succession upward into the armpit, aiming to slice the axillary artery. 

He screamed in his dream self and in his body, back in chambers.  When he screamed and his dream self vanished I woke with a start.  I grabbed my spear and dashed out into the hall, running down the hall toward his room with everyone else.  As we burst into his room, he was sitting up in his bed, ghastly white, eyes wide with fear. 

I now had all the proof I needed as to the true identity of the Dream Sorcerer so, without hesitation, I plunged my spear straight into his heart, killing him instantly, pinning him against the headboard of the bed.  It was right after the death blow that I woke up.

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