Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Simple Day, With A Touch of Melancholy

Another easy day, though not without a touch of melancholy. It is a beautiful winter day here in California, with the taste of the approaching spring. As I moved through the day my thoughts turned, here and there, sparked by the slightest things, to melancholy and loss.  Not overwhelming, not all powerful, just those soft and bittersweet moments of loss and longing.

I had breakfast with my friends at the Hickory Pit, then a trip through Fry's, then I picked up a coffee table my friend Tony has lent me - a nice one, but a loaner only. It was a bit heavy so it took the extra hands to get it down from Tony's place and then up into mine.  Once here, I polished it up and placed it - it is nice and it fits right against the dividing wall between the kitchen and living room.  I had an incidental table and a printer stand there before and so it is definitely a visual improvement.

Once settled in, I ran back out and got my car washed (I was overdue), then home again and a quiet afternoon of reading, thinking, and watching a few shoes off the DVR. Brandy is going to make French Onion soup tonight at 6:00 PM, so I am going to swing through the grocery store and pick up a baguette and some mozzarella cheese.  I am also going to pick up the ingredients for an instant monkey-bread recipe that I am going to try.  It is pretty simple, so I will see how it works out.

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