Friday, March 8, 2013

Keeping The Day Simple

It was the first off Friday I've had in a long time that I actually took off.  I did work a bit twice in the day, reading and responding to email on my work Blackberry, but otherwise it was a clean day off.  I woke fairly early and started the day with coffee and toast and a quiet hour reading.  From there, I went to Goodies II for breakfast, followed by a stop at the bank, then a stop at Office Max. That was chased by a regular doctor's check up (all is well), then a bit of a wander checking out a different laundromat then the one I usually go too (I wasn't impressed). A pause from noon to 2:00 PM to see Emperor (with Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox - enjoyable, interesting, well done - but all in all a light narrative). Anther two hours at the laundromat, doing several loads of laundry, then dinner from Tsing Tao (Tsing Tao Fried Rice and Honey Walnut Prawns). Home at about 4:00 PM, a call to my step-dad, and then a couple of hours watching "Letters from Iwo Jima" and now "America Unearthed". I guess I would have to call it an enjoyable, busy and productive day. But simple. Pure and simple.

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