Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Contemplate Cameras for Vacation

My plan for this vacation is to document it with photos and write as I.  One of the first decisions I had to make was "which camera am I going to carry with me".  I have close to half a dozen camera, ranging from a small point and shoot (a Sony Cybershot DSC W220) all the way up to my DSLR Nikon D3200. Deciding which camera(s) to take is always a balancing act.  They've each got their own strengths and weaknesses. One factor that comes into play is - I am going to carry it around with me, all the time, so weight definitely comes into the picture. 

Quality wise, the Nikon is the best of the lot - but, with extra lenses, it is also the most bulky and the most heavy.  Convenience wise, the little point and shoot is the go to camera.  After consideration, I landed in the middle and decided to go with my Sony DSC HX9V.  Short of the Nikon D3200 it is the most versatile with a 16x digital zoom and 16.2 megapixels.

What tipped me to it in this case are the 16x digital zoom and and the compact nature of the camera.  Additionally, this is a camera I have had for a while but I am not too comfortable yet. I need to put some serious time into this camera and this little trip to Wondercon is going to be a perfect excuse. It was a toss up between this camera and an older Sony DSC H50.

I love the ergonomics on the H50 and I've shot with it a lot - it is a very "quick" camera to use, but part of that is familiarity.  As I was sitting here comparing the two - I did realize that I was learning toward the H50 because of that familiarity and since one of the things I am aware I need to do in the larger scope of life is keep engaged and keep learning, I decided to go with the HX9V.  But while I was in the process of deciding which camera to use, I did take a set of images with the DSC H50 - this is a set of six Franklin Mint armor sets I bought many years ago and now are on a shelf on the wall.

Franklin Mint Armor Set

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