Monday, March 25, 2013

Just A Little About Seven Thirty

It is just a little after 7:30 PM on Monday night and I'm sitting here in the silence of the living room, listening to the sound of the keys clacking on the laptop keyboard. It is a very pleasant evening.  My last several entries have been rather short and perfunctory, but I've been moving quickly through the days, mostly with an external focus.

Work is currently settled into what I would call the ordinary rhythm.  We've got everything in configuration lock down and now we're just waiting for the go-live date, which is going to be at the end of April.  That should be a mad weekend in it's own right. Right now, the main thing that is going on is the old game of catch-up as we try and make up for all the things that were set aside while we were so intently focused on project. That and I think everyone is probably breathing a sigh of relief and trying to settle into some ordinary working hours.

I have two days before I start my vacation, which is going to run from March 28th through April 14th, a little over two weeks.  I am going to split my time on the vacation.  Thursday I have a clear day off, with the intention of easing into the time off. Then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I'm going down to Anaheim with Tony for Wondercon. I am looking forward to that trip and the chance to start the vacation on a strong foot.  Monday I will be back up in San Jose (returning on Sunday night) and then on Tuesday I am going to fly back to South Dakota for 11 days, from the 2nd through the 13th, a Saturday.  Sunday will be resting in San Jose, and then Monday the 15th back to work.

I am looking forward to the vacation and I am hoping I manage to get away clean.  Most likely I am going to take my secure ID so I can log into my work email remotely, but that is more for peace of  mind then anything else. I will definitely take my laptop because I am planning on spending some time writing and I am looking forward to that as well. Writing, reading, relaxing and getting some eyes on time with the folks.

South Dakota isn't without it's own share of drama.  My step-dad is finally home from the hospital and seems to be doing fairly well.  I've been calling him every day and talking to who ever is there.  My nephew, who had the severe medical incident at Thanksgiving of 2012 is back in the hospital.  He was checked in last night with internal bleeding (vomiting blood).  He has instructed the hospital personnel not to share any information about him and not to let anyone contact him, which, though it is something I may not agree with, is his right as an adult.  Who knows where that journey will end.  (In one of the rare times I censor myself, I just deleted two sentences here - perhaps if the time is right, a little later, I might restore them.)

The turn of spring has me slightly melancholy, but, at the same time, the turn of spring always reminds us of the process of rebirth. This life is really an incredible journey and, in our own way, we are all on it.  In the last several years I have spent a portion of time studying zen and, to my surprise, a lot of it has taken.  When I look at all the stress that has been surrounding me, I characterize it in exactly that way - all the stress that is surrounding me. It is not stress that is within me - or rather, when it is within me, I recognize it and let it fall away.  Amazing what happens to us in life.

My plan for the remainder of the night is - I am going to eat some chocolate (a rare indulgence), then I am going to watch "Bones" and from there, I am going to curl up and read a great little fantasy novel I started called "The Lies of Locke Lamorra".  I am a couple of chapters in and I have to say it is simply a great little story so far. If the author can keep it up, he has quite a tale on his hands.  I will write some more about the book a little later.

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