Saturday, May 11, 2013

Game of Thrones Mini-Marathon

My friend Tyrone was down with the flu, or the aftermath of the flu, today so he had to pass on our Game of Thrones mini-marathon.  That didn't stop the rest of us.  We got some snacks, ordered pizza, and settled in to watch six hours of the show.  It was excellent.  It's a pretty good series on HBO and of course, the books are simply twisted and outstanding, which is high praise from me.  My favorite character - without a doubt - Daenerys Targaryen - Daenerys Stormborn.


That was pretty much the sum of the day. It was very pleasant and very relaxing. After the long run in project world it was nice to have a Saturday where I did not feel pressed for time.  As for work, well, we will see what unfolds there.  I guess I am getting caught up in my own little Game of Thrones there, but I could not in good conscience keep silent. I would rather speak up and keep a good conscience.

I don't really have anything planned tomorrow.  I might go up to Fremont to get breakfast with the guys, just to do something different.  It is Mother's Day.  I called the Ranch tonight to check on everyone and wish my mother an early Mother's Day, but I did run into a cranky bunch of people, so it was a short call.  I think I am going to spend the rest of the evening watching "John Carter" off the DVR.  Speaking of which, sitting her thinking about it, Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian series of books also have a strong female character - the almost incomparable Dejah Thoris.

Do we sense a strong women theme here.  Perhaps in my entire life.  I may have to meditate on that as I slide into the evening.  Who ever you are and where ever you are, I hope you're having a pleasant day.

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