Friday, May 10, 2013

Rabbit Heart

The day has slowed to a pleasant crawl.  I am sitting in the office listening to Florence + The Machine “Lungs” on my iPod.  (If you’re not a fan of Florence + The Machine you should be.)  I’ve got one more short meeting today in about a half an hour, just an end of the week status.  It’s been a very productive day.  I am looking forward to the weekend though - simple plans mostly. Some of my friends are coming over on Saturday and we’re going to do a “Game of Thrones” mini-marathon, watching the first six episodes off the DVR, with a lunch intermission halfway through.  It should be a pleasant and relaxed time.  I’m looking forward to it.  Otherwise, I really don’t have anything planned for the weekend.  I don’t even have anything planned for the evening.  Right now, I am torn between a desire to head over to the park and take a long rambling walk or I’ll stop off at the pool hall and log in a practice hour.  I need to invest some time in working on my cue ball control.  I think that would add a tail to some of my runs, if I can get the cue ball to end up where I want it to end and not “somewhere in the vague direction, sometimes”. I’ll leave you with a chorus from “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up”.

“This a gift comes with a price
Who is the lamb and who is the knife
Midas is King and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight.”

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