Thursday, May 9, 2013

Last Night, I Slept, And Slept, And Slept

I would say that work and allergies caught up with me last night.  I got home about 4:00 P.M., tinkered around the apartment for a half hour, and then laid down for a nap.  I set my timer for thirty minutes.  It sounded on schedule and I woke up long enough to turn it off.  Then, without hesitation, I simply rolled over and went back to sleep.  I woke up about 7:30 P.M,, got up long enough to have a bowl of chicken and rice soup, watched “Modern Family”, and then slipped back into bed.  I slept another solid eight hours, woke up, tossed a bit, went back to sleep for another hour.   All in all I slept eleven hours or so. I am going to blame most of it on allergies and I think tonight when I get home I am going to take a Benadryl and see if that helps me through the evening a little crisper. Today, I am trying to move deliberately and smoothly through the day.  If it goes smoothly I might stop off at the pool hall on the way home tonight to shoot a practice hour or so.  My game has suffered a bit due to the lack of practice that is a result of the many hours the project required.  All those hours have to come out of somewhere.

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