Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day Three of Vacation

I woke up at my normal time on Saturday. Splashed through the shower and then went down to the breakfast buffet long before any crowd had a chance to gather. It was a simple breakfast, which I am prone to, and which the buffet lent to itself too. After breakfast I got a cup of coffee and sat in the lobby for a while people watching. One of the best parts of vacation, and especially of this type of vacation, is the people watching. All shapes, all sizes, I truly amazing array of humanity.

Today was my photography day at the convention, so I carried my camera everywhere and snapped quite a few shots of the amazing cosplay. We started the day wandering the floor and covered about half of it, maybe a little more. I picked up a graphic novel, by Milo Manara, from his early days. It is a nice addition to my collection.

From there we went to a presentation on the greatest science-fiction movies never made. It was pretty entertaining. Then we went to a screening and panel on the new TNT television series The Last Ship. It looks pretty interesting, it looks relatively well done, and one of the stars is the always beautiful Rhona Mitra, a personal favorite of mine.

We spent a little more time wandering the floor and then headed out for a simple dinner at a local restaurant. Nothing fancy, good food good conversation. Then, back to the convention for the late-night programming. We split up there Tony and I went to see the premiere of season two of Orphan Black and Rick went to see a presentation and panel on The Blacklist.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel. I bowed out and called it a night at about 10:00 PM. Rick wandered off to partake in some of the late-night programming. I got a solid nights sleep and woke this morning to exchange happy Easter wishes with TR, and then a succession of family and friends. I am about to wrap it up with a call home to the folks to wish them Happy Easter.

Then it will be down to breakfast and back to the show. I still have about a third of the vendor floor to cover. And there is some programming today that has caught my eye and should be enjoyable.

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