Monday, April 7, 2014

My Quantum Portal of a Closet

The day kept the promise of heat and tomorrow is going to keep the same promise. However, it was pretty nice.  It felt good to let that sun burn slowly into things, including me.  I got home from work about the usual time and settled in to watch the first episode of "The Game of Thrones", which was outstanding, and then put together a quick dinner. 

After dinner I seriously contemplating taking a nap, but decided against it.  With the heat, I was afraid it would become sleep and then I would be waking up at two a.m. and wondering why I couldn't sleep. 

So, I spent a good two hours of the evening cleaning and arranging things in the master bedroom closet.  I still have plenty of work to do in there, but I managed to get through the parts of it that were bothering me so that when I tackle the rest of it, I will be moving rather smoothly.

Typical of closets there is "stuff" in there that I  am not sure what it is or why I have it. I am, of course, completely convinced that all closets are quantum portals and stuff comes from the multiverse to land in my closet.  That is the only reasonable expectation I can come up with to account for the fact that I keep simplifying, and simplifying, and yet, again, simplifying.  But, at the end of the day, there is still "stuff" in the closet.

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