Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Course of an Ordinary Saturday

Today was a very good day.

The focus of the day was largely external.

After lingering in the morning over coffee and toast with cream cheese
and strawberries I spent a little time writing I went over to help
some friends rearrange their garage.

I should learn to be careful of the things I volunteer for!
Rearranging the garage mostly consisted of climbing up and down a
ladder about a hundred times.

I am sore now so I am definitely going to feel it in the morning! I
will be limping and walking slow. Tonight's plan is a hot soaking bath
before curling up to read.

After the garage we had dinner at Chevy's (chicken tamales, rice,
refried beans, sweet corn tomatillo and a chiquita sundae), we watched
the movie "Forbidden Kingdom". It is a modern cheesy Chinese sword
movie - with Jackie Chan and Jet Li. It was enjoyable in the company
of friends.

I drove home and passed or was passed by three CHP cars, so they were
definitely out in force. I was hoping to talk with a dear friend
tonight but I am afraid the cruel math of time zones means they are
snug and sleeping a country away.

Time zones can be vexing.

My plan tomorrow is breakfast, mass, laundry and maybe a matinée, then
some quiet time writing and working on my new years resolutions.

Tonight though it is time for a very hot bath and a good book (I am
finishing Dean Koontz's "Your Heart Belongs To Me" . Unfortunately it
is no Odd Thomas. It is enjoyable but not his best.)

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