Monday, January 26, 2009

A Sluggish Day So Far

It has been hours since the day began and I feel like I am finally gaining some clarity. I made a mistake last night that had unintended consequences. I stayed up until about midnight reading. I woke up about three for no particular reason. I woke up at five when my nephew was heading out to work. There was the decision point - I should have gotten out of bed when my nephew left for work. But - I thought - I can squeeze one more hour of sleep out - so I stayed in bed. And now, most of the morning, has been a journey through the monkey mind, full of distractions.

I woke at seven from a dream of trying to administer a yahoo email list. I wanted to just do a bulk update, it was an easy thing - but it was the wrong thing to do. I knew I had to go through each of several hundred records one by one. When I woke up, I could not shake that list from my mind. The strange thing of course is - there is no such list. I do not administer an yahoo email lists - but it was a real dream and the challenge of the task stayed in my mind and I could not quite shake it on the drive into work.

I got into the office and hit the wall of meetings that is sometimes typical of a Monday morning. I have basically been in five (going on six) hours of meetings. The last one is wrapping up and I am going to go out and get something for lunch, then come back and try and salvage some productive work from the day. In the ten minute windows of time between meetings I've gone and done a quick walk around the building to try and get some blood flowing, hoping that will help pull me into a more alert stage, but it really hasn't worked. I feel - sluggish, lacking clarity, today. I think I just need some more sleep.

But, of course, that means when I go home tonight I am going to be tempted to take an extended nap, which will cascade into the nights sleep. So, instead, I think I will go out and do something after work tonight, in order to keep the rhythm going, so that I can fall asleep naturally at some point during the night. I do have an errand to run - I never did get my laundry done yesterday, so that is a good thing that will keep me moving this evening. But, all in all, so far today has been sluggish.

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