Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thirty Six Degrees and Cold

Thirty six degrees and cold
This morning when I woke
I dressed in gray slacks
And a white shirt
And a gray sweater with
Thin red horizontal stripes
Across the chest
My concession to the cold
Was wearing my warm wool socks
Inside my black Rockports
I drove to work
Stopped for a cup of coffee
Listened to KQED and then
Beethoven on my iPhone
I parked in the time before dawn
When the eastern sky was
Several shades of blue with
Hints of red and orange
At the horizon line
The air was crisp in my senses
And as I walked from the car
To the office
Under a row of winter trees
I loved the feel of
My breath
Rising and falling in my chest
Filling me with a sense of
Thirty six degrees and cold

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