Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Murder of Crows II

A quiet hour or so at home and a good conversation with someone special managed to reset the day for me. I swung back our and ran my forgotten errands. I stopped at Target and picked up some odds and ends (lemon honey cough drops, hair conditioner, hand sanitizer and John Cusack's "War, Inc."). I walked those back out to the car.

I walked over to a sushi restaurant and had a light late lunch - California Roll, Rainbow Roll, Saki Salmon sashimi, a bowl of Miso soup, and a cup of green tea. I walked over to the shoe store (time to replace my running shoes), but they did not have the particular model I was looking for in my size. Then, I spent the next hour wandering around in Barne's & Noble - and incredibly, I walked out without buying anything - only because the lines were very long and I figure I can always go back there in the evening one of these weeks.

I wandered the shopping center a bit just to stretch my legs and people watch and then walked back to the car. I considered driving over to Macy's (I have a gift card that I got for Christmas), but ultimately decided that is Westgate, a rather small mall, was crowded - then Valley Fair, a very large mall, was going to be a zoo. I am sure the sunshine had a lot of people out and about doing exactly what I was doing - wandering.

So, I wandered home. I watched the John Cusack movie I mentioned above - pretty good - typical Cusack fair, witty, clever, sarcastic and truthful. I have been contemplating dinner, but haven't really decided if I am inclined toward anything. I had a bowl of French Vanilla ice cream while watching the movie, which took the edge off of any hunger pangs. I considered ordering pizza, but decided against it.

I took a long hot bath, with lavendar bath salts, lit by candle light. It was very relaxing and centering. It is still relatively early in the evening, so I am going to see if there is anything worth watching on TV later in the night, if not, I may toss in another movie. I am looking forward to a quiet night at home, nice and relaxed. I might make a phone call or two later into the evening, but I haven't decided on that - I will make that decision when the time comes.

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