Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday I Went To The Triton

I spent most of the day just wandering in the sun. Sushi for lunch. A haircut. A car wash. A stop at the hardware store. Barnes & Noble. Big 5 Sports. The Triton Musuem.

I took some pictures while in Santa Clara, at the Triton Musuem - the link above takes you to an updated set of them on Flickr.

Met my nephew and my friend Tony at Ringer Hut (a Japanese Restaurant) for dinner. I had the chicken teriyaji bento. It was excellent. After dinner, we stood in the parking lot and watched that incredible moonrise. It was simply stunning.

Made it home, watched Jr. Bonner (Steve McQueen, directed by Sam Peckinpah - probably the best rodeo movie ever made). Tom and Tony headed out to see Slumdog Millionaire (which I had already seen). My nephew Tom says Danny Boyle changed his life with "A Life Less Ordinary", so I am fairly certain he is going to like the movie.

Myself, I opted for a quiet evening at home. Took a nice long hot bath. Watched a couple of episodes of Two and A Half Men. Watching an episode of House.

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