Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Notch Back

One of my New Years Resolutions has been to try and take things one notch back.  What I mean by that is to try and slow down a little, try not to be multi-tasking all the time, try not spent too much of this moment in the next moment.  So far, I have been fairly successful at it.

I had a solidly good day at work today - it was busy, in and out of different meetings, dealing with customer issues, the usual stuff of the working world - but it was the good kind of busy the kind where the day passes quickly and when it closes you feel like you accomplished something.  That is always a good feeling - feeling each moment pass fully.

I got home tonight and had a simple dinner, then watched a little TV (the new show "The Beast" with Patrick Swayze), did dishes, and am now waiting for Fringe to start.  If you are not watching Fringe, I recommend it.  It is an excellent show.  As I wait, I thought I would drop online and make a journal entry.

I don't think I had any particular insights today other then to recognize, internally, the value of my approach of one notch back.

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