Saturday, January 24, 2009

Three Thoughts On Saturday

Sometimes your friends can convince you to do things that you are really only marginally interested in.  Today, I went and saw the movie "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" with a friend of mine.  It is not necessarily the movie I would have selected...but, for what it was, it was.  With some things, if you put your brain into the proper space, you can enjoy them for what they are, and this movie was definitely that case.

Sometimes, the sound of a human voice is a magical thing.  An early morning call set the tone for the day, soft, slightly husky with sleep and all in all so very pleasant.  That is the power of something as simple as a human voice.

Sometimes, those first minutes of the day set the tone for the day.  I logged into my favorite chat room on AOL (Spiritual Insights) this morning and spent an hour in just some very pleasant conversation.  I had to leave after that hour to join my other friends for breakfast, but the conversation was eclectic, funny, and playful this morning and that set the tone for the day beautifully.  The room was discussing the child like sense of wonder - and that was the perfect conversational song for me to leave the room on and start the day.

Those are my three thoughts for the day.  It was cool to cold and gray to rainy here in California today - but, as set in the first hours of the morning, it was a wonderful day. I had a moment in the afternoon where it seemed as if it was swinging toward the somber, but a nap and a few chapters in a book and some poetry swept that aside.  Dinner was at a local Chinese place - lemon fish, vegetarian fried rice, crab and cream cheese wontons, spicy pork wontons, and hot and sour soup.  Excellent.  Simple excellent.

Today was book-marked by two excellent meals - and I have another day on this weekend to go. Tomorrow is going to have to be a day of errands (laundry, some house cleaning, grocery shopping), but that seems like it will be the perfect course of the day.  Because of the weather I am inclined to nap, so when I came home for dinner I was looking at the clock - it was in that dangerous time - when a nap threatens to turn into a full nights sleep, and if it does then you wake up at four AM and stare at the ceiling.  So, I am powering through the evening by writing a little in my journal, writing a little outside my journal, and watching Mythbusters.

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