Saturday, April 18, 2009

Daily Life: An Afternoon Note

A beautiful spring day here in California. I woke early enough, but
managed to conjure enough reasons to linger in bed for a hour or so. I
spoke with a dear one on the phone for a while. I popped into chat
long enough to say hello and muse at the demons that must torture some
folks. I went out and had pancakes with strawberry syrup and butter. I
went to an art gallery to see some works by the Dreamworks people. I
stopped at the music store to buy some guitar polish. I stopped at the
electronics store (actually two of them) and bought a cushioned case
for my Kindle. I stopped at Our Lady of Peace in Sunnyvale and took a
couple of pictures. I stopped at Comics Conspiracy and picked up a
graphic novel. Through it all Janis Joplin sang to me. Now, I've
circled home and I am going to take a power nap and then swing out for

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