Thursday, April 2, 2009

Daily Life: An Epitaph for Lady Radcliffe

There is not an eye in Radcliffe tonight
No matter how mean or base
That does not shed a tear
For the death of our dame
Even the sea itself weeps
Even that great gray moon
Glistens with a silver lighted tear
Let all hearts be with mercy turned
Let all hands be with kindness inclined
Let each of us, man, woman, child
Be, with her love, knighted
For she knew that which was noblest
In each soul, no matter how lost
No matter how far from home strayed
And that in us, she loved
And loving us, was so loved by us.

"An Epitaph for the Lady Radcliffe, dreamt and written upon waking
from a dream at midnight"

-Last night, at midnight, I woke from a deep sleep, grabbed my iPhone
and wrote the above almost in it's entirety. It flowed out. I wrote it
down and then promptly fell back asleep. This morning I corrected a
pair of typos. I have no idea who the Lady Radcliffe is (or was). I
will take some time today and google a bit.

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