Friday, April 3, 2009

Daily Life: Friday Spins Stressful

Today started out pretty smoothly. I got a good night sleep, I ate a good breakfast, had my morning coffee, logged on and watched chat for a while, then drove into work. Traffic was light and it was a truly beautiful morning here. I got into the office and dove right in…

There was where I went wrong. I was trying to do to much to fast. I unintentionally started building my own stress level up. After about two hours I realized that it was quickly becoming a very stressful day.

So I stopped. I took a deep breath. I took another deep breath. I went for a walk inside of the building. I came back and went to a pair of teleconferences. I called one of my key customers and asked for a little time - he agreed without hesitation. Now, an hour or so after realizing my stress level was sky rocketing - I am settled back down to normal.

I am going to go out to the Sneha Indian Buffet on Lawrence for lunch in about twenty minutes. The food there is very good so I am looking forward to it. Then, I am going to come back to the office and try to make some more headway against my workload - but I am going to do in calmly, clearly and focused.

It amazes me sometimes the amount of stress we ultimately inflict on ourselves.

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