Monday, April 20, 2009

Daily Life: I Dream of Work, I Go to Work

I fell asleep last night and slept fairly well for about two hours and then woke. The heat was slow in burning off, so I tossed and turned and half-slept, half-dreamed my way through the night. I had a strange dream of which I only remember fragments. I suspect my dream life was influenced by the tossing and turning as I attempted to sleep. Oddly enough, I do not feel tired this morning, so somewhere in there I must have gotten enough sleep.

The dream itself was of little consequence - what I remember of it was I was trying to solve a computer problem - there was an application screen that had a confirmation button and a dismiss button. There was a transaction stuck in the application that would not move to the next step, regardless of whether you hit the confirmation button or the dismiss button and we were trying to figure out whether the application was broken or the record was corrupted. However, the dream itself was stuck, as I kept running through the same trouble-shooting steps - it was like the dream was a loop - it would run, stop, and restart and run again.

I woke a little later than usual, ran through the shower, had a quick breakfast, texted a bit, and then made the morning commute. Traffic was bearable, even though I was running a little later then usual. I listened to the Indigo Girls on the way in and watched the beautiful morning sun playing in the green trees along Lawrence Expressway. Now I've settled into the office and am about to start the day.

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