Sunday, April 19, 2009

Daily Life: A Thousand Beautiful Things

It was a beautiful day here in San Jose and in the San Francisco bay area in general. We had what I consider to be the first truly spring day, and personally, I had a very, very good day.

I slept well last night. This is just a chronicle of the day.

I watched the sunlight unfold while sitting on the patio and drinking a cup of coffee.

I talked with an old friend I had not talked to in two months or so, which was very nice. For me at least, my friends, be they the ones just down the street or the ones far away are a central part of my world, and so when they are in it, in whatever way, it just a better and brighter world.

I stopped at the bank and pulled out some cash to spend today, thankful for the circumstances in life that let me do that particular thing.

I drove over to Starflower Lane to pick up my friends Pierre and Helen while listening to Melissa Etheridge's album "Brave and Crazy".

On the way over I had fierce thoughts, fierce like a fire. I enjoyed them. I thought about distant souls and how, if I could encircle them with that fierce fire, I would.

I thought how I loved people who understood simplicity. That is a rare gift if our world of complexities, but there move among us very simple people, and that is a very good thing.

Timmy (Pierre and Helen's alien offspring dog) was twitching up a storm when I got there. I may have contributed because I stood on the porch, rang the door bell, scratched on the door, and called their home phone while making moaning zombie like sounds. LOL - Timmy was purely ecstatic.

Pierre and I discussed the relationship between our hobbies and time. Time is a precious commodity. Spending it well, on the things we love, with the people we love, is an important aspect of life.

We waited for a table at the Cup and Saucer, standing in the morning sun. Definitely one of the thousand beautiful things Annie Lennox sings of.

On one of the tables outside there was a english bulldog with a bright pink collar. She seemed quite content to sit and watch people walk by.

I had Copenhagen Pancakes (Swedish pancakes stuffed with berries and cream cheese) and biscuits and gravy and coffee and orange juice.

There was a beautiful woman at the edge of my field of vision who seemed to have come to breakfast in a pair of pajames with the number 66 on them.

We swung back to their house to pick up a hat (planning a day in the sun). Pierre walked between the car and the hedge and got tangled in the bushes. Helen commented that she was usually the one who got tangled in bushes. I was...smiling.

Timmy, being twitchy, was secured in his leather gear to protect himself from himself while we were out. He looks like a little furry Hannibal Lector in his leather gear.

We drove up to the Harvest Festival at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. The first thing that caught my eye was a t-shirt for a small child that read "Pooh is my homeboy".

I had my first cold festival beer of the year. (That means I paid seven bucks for a beer - it was cold, it was good, but it was also a seven dollar Bud Lite.)

We bought some odds and ends of popcorn and sauces and marinades.

We had lunch at the Blue Agave Club in Pleasanton - the food was excellent. The waiter owned exactly the same ring as the one I always were. (A set of concentric Celtic spirals.) I had the enjococado (a chicken in a creamy tomato guarillo chile sauce), a recipe that has been in the family that owns the restaurant for 100 years (at least according to the menu). It was excellent. I highly recommend it. I had a glass of ice tea and black beans and rice.

We wandered through Pleasanton for a while and then headed back home. On 680 there was a motorcycle crash. Several motorcyclists, CHP officers, and the tow truck were standing around. Traffic was creeping for a good thirty minutes or so. We were in traffic behind a National Guard Humvee and National Guard Truck.

We finally made it back to San Jose and stopped at Coldstone Creamery for ice cream. I had the Hunka Chunka Burning Fudge Sundae, with no almonds. Almonds were stalking me through the day. Breakfast (the Copenhagen pancakes) was covered with slivered almonds. Lunch (the enjococado chicken) was covered with diced almonds. The sundae normally comes with almonds, but I declined them.

I drove home listening to Annie Lennox. From there, I have been lazing, watching a little TV, playing with Google, and watching the sun go down. All it all, it has been a very good day. My plan for the remainder of the night is a quiet night of reading and idling.

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