Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daily Life: Wednesday Morning Rambling Thoughts

I had a strange evening last night. The winds were very high, strong gusts that rattled windows and shook the building, and it put me in a strange mood. It wasn't a good mood or a bad mood - it was just "a mood". Edgy might be the right word, though I am not sure.

I had a pleasant enough evening. I got home from work and had dinner (garlic mashed potatoes and a spicy beef dish that I do), followed by a bowl of ice cream. I tried reading but wasn't into the material, so I set that aside. I came online for a while, checked a few sites, peeked into chat, watched for about ten minutes and decided I just wasn't into it. I watched some History channel but couldn't get into it. I washed some dishes. I cleaned the bathroom.

It wasn't until later in the evening that I started to settle out - about the time the wind died which is why I am blaming the wind. From there, I enjoyed a telephone call that included ruminations on love - no conclusions, just thoughts and observations.

Then, I watched "Fringe" (excellent TV by the way if you are not a Fringe fan), and curled up and read another chapter in William Gibson's "Spook Country". I've read two chapters in Spook Country so far and I am "trembling at the gate". I want to find a quiet day and devour the whole book in one setting, but I am pacing myself so it will last at least a couple of days.

I love William Gibson's writing - I don't always enjoy his novels, for plot reasons, but he is a very talented writer. I mentioned previously that his "Mona Lisa Overdrive" is one of my favorite novels, and I also have a very dog eared copy of "Neuromancer", which I have read multiple times.

I slept pretty well last night, waking at sunrise from a strange little dream. I dreamt that I was in a store and back in one of the corners I found a small stack of little metallic helicopters. I bought one as a gift for a child, thinking that it was an unusual gift because that particular company actually never made that particular helicopter. I have no idea what the significance of that is, other then I may have been channeling the news about the potential discontinuation of the Presidential helicopter and the withdrawal from bid of the CSAR-X helicopter as the new administration re-draws their defense spending priorities. All in all a strange little dream though.

So, the office is quiet this morning and I am anticipating a productive day. I'm contemplating taking a little leave this afternoon and maybe heading out to see a movie in mid-afternoon. I haven't done that in a while and if today is quiet like yesterday was it may turn out to be a perfect day for it.

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