Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daily Life: Subtle Variations

It has been a very quiet night and I have been wanting to write, but no single topic or incident or event of the day has leapt out through my fingertips. I've had an enjoyable little dinner and a quiet evening at home. There is a lot to be said for those evenings when nothing is going on.

I often remember the times when I was so busy that I dashed through the evening and I sure appreciate them. My eyelids were getting heavy earlier in the evening and then they seemed to rally for a while and now they are wandering back into the heavy zone. I suspect that when I curl up with a book and read for a while it will be a very small journey from reading into the deep embrace of sleep. I've been quiet since I came home and it looks like I am going to finish up with a little bit more of that stillness I have come to value.

Oh, I just thought of something to write about - so let me explore it a little before I fade off into a dream. When I was driving into work this morning I was thinking about the subtle differences that can shape two very different days. Monday I was feeling a little frazzled as I headed into the office - for no particular reason, just a little edgy. Today, I headed in and I was calm and collected. As near as I could tell there was no real difference between either the form or the content of the morning. Perhaps there was some intangible difference I could not discern - but it did start me wondering about the subtle differences in a day.

Life is a tremendously subtle thing. In any given day there are a thousand variations on the theme of the day. I wonder if there is a threshold that makes the difference between one day and the next, a subtle threshold that we can sense at some deeper level and response to it at a deeper level, and it, in turn colors our day. I would suspect there was. I would suspect that the difference between yesterday and today was one of those many subtle variations. I will have to think about that for a while as I wonder off to sleep.

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