Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daily Life: The Evening Turns Restive

After two days of pounding heat it was much nicer today here in San Jose. It is cooling off outside and after a good dinner and a great telephone call, I opened the apartment all the way up and kicked on a couple of fans to get the fresh cool air moving through the place. It is very pleasant.

The combination of the cooler evening and the relative quiet (with only the background hum of the fans) turned my thoughts restive. I had to double check that word in the dictionary to make sure I had picked the right one. Sitting here and thinking about it, I am sure part of it due to the stress fracture in my foot and the limitations it has placed on me. I have an extra layer of energy that wants to get burned off by walking or running, neither of which I am supposed to do for a while.

Now that I think about it, I have turned restive on the drop of a dime a few times in the last couple of weeks. I spent part of the evening going through notes on writing short fiction. I've been feeling the urge to write a few stories lately but they haven't quite come together to the point where I want to actually sit down and write (outside of this journal of course, where I have fallen into the habit of being fairly consistent about it).

Tomorrow will be my last day of work for a three day weekend, so maybe I will dedicate part of that weekend to writing, if I am in the mood. Since I was out and about all of last weekend, I am inclined to keep it close to home this weekend, but that can also change on a moments notice. There is nothing particular that is wandering through my mind tonight, no specific direction that it wants to travel in, just that general feeling...and I think I am going to blame the lack of physical exercise and the weather for it. Hopefully I can fall asleep at a reasonable hour tonight and if not, well I can power through tomorrow on coffee and the promise of a three day weekend.

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