Sunday, April 26, 2009

Daily Life: I Washed A Fork

I just finished up reading the San Jose Mercury News on my Kindle 2 and thought about turning on the television, but it is a beautifully quiet evening here. I have the patio doors wide open and a circulating fan is moving a cool breeze around the living room. I thought that I would log on and write a journal entry since I haven't written much this weekend.

I thought what all happened over the weekend and what I could write about and I flashed on a moment that happened Friday that epitomized the weekend for me.

On Friday I was doing dishes and I washed a fork.

I was there, very purely, in that moment as I washed the fork. That was pretty cool. It wasn't enlightenment by fork washing (though, that would be a very zen thing). It was just washing a fork. It was just the purity of the moment. I think that sums up the weekend pretty well.

Oh yes, I did other things. Quite a few other things. I had breakfast with a friend. I taught a class. I went to a gathering of friends and ate good food. I watched Yojimbo on DVR. I caught up on episodes of "The Unusuals". I did laundry. I cleaned some in the apartment. I read some more William Gibson. I read the newspaper. I spoke with family. I spoke with friends. I wrote e-mails. I chatted a little.

But, if I were to sum up the weekend, I would simply say - "I washed a fork."

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