Sunday, April 12, 2009

Daily Life: Easter Sunday

Well, all in all, it has been a good Easter Sunday. I woke early this morning and went to Mass, then circled home. I was supposed to meet a friend of mine for breakfast after Mass, but at the last second he called off. I spent most of the morning relaxing at home. I came online and had a brief and pleasant chat in Spiritual Insights. I wrote a couple of email, including one to one of my brothers, whose birthday is today.

I called my mother and spoke with her and my step-father for a while. I did some incidental cleaning around the house. I played guitar for a while (and that just reminded me I need to get some guitar polish - I was cleaning both of them the other day and barely had enough). I exchanged Happy Easter text with someone dear to me, which made me simply happy. I watched Danny Boyle's "Millions" on HBO-HD.

Then, taking a look at the clock and estimating the time to dinner, I went out and saw "Sunshine Cleaners". It is a relatively short movie and it is pretty good - it is simple, hearfelt, and amusing and poignant. I would recommend it.

I had an early Easter dinner with friends, simple, tasty, and enjoyable and now I have once again circled home. On the way home I stopped and bought a pair of throw pillows for my couch and a little wrought iron stand for paper towels. Very domestic of me.

The apartment complex is going to come through tomorrow and change out the windows, so I have some last minute shuffling about of stuff that I will need to remember to do. (I have some used electronics gear that I am going to donate to the Salvation Army.) I will carry it down and load it into the back of the Vue tonight and then drop it off on the way home from work tomorrow.

I was debating whether or not I would work virtually tomorrow, but basically decided that with the construction crew coming through, it would be best if I was elsewhere. I am usually reluctant to let people into my apartment unattended, but this particular set of work is going to be handled by the apartment maintenance crew, not a contractor, and the maintenance crew (an older gentleman and his son) both live here, so they are a known factor - and they are not going anywhere if something disappears.

It is a very beautiful day out there today - the sky is very blue, the sun is shining warmly and there is a nice cool breeze blowing. I have the apartment windows and patio doors wide open right now and there is a very pleasant breeze blowing through, rattling the blinds.

In short, it has been a beautiful Easter day. I hope other people have enjoyed the day as much as I have. I don't really have any plans for the evening - dinner was in mid-afternoon so I am definitely tempted to eat something light within the next hour or so, otherwise I will be going to bed with the rumblings of appetite! I might do some incidental things this evening, but I may not. I have finished my "Repairman Jack" novel and am about to start William Gibson's "Spook Country" - I count his "Mona Lisa Overdrive" as one of the greater science-fiction novels I've read.

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