Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Little Bit Bare

It was a full out run through the day here at the office, trying to play some catch up for the time I lost to the forces of chaos a little earlier in the week.  I was actually kind of successful, managing to knock ten items off the task list, so that was a good feeling.  There was also a nice break in the day, in the middle, when we stopped for a baby shower for one of the analysts which was a good and simple celebration of our humanity.
I think I am going to stop for a park walk in the way home tonight, if the weather permits.  It has been raining, very lightly, off and on this week, so it is muggy outside right now.  When I went out a little earlier, the humidity was on the borderline of making it an uncomfortable day.  If it is uncomfortable, then I might have to seek another option when I leave the office.  I may stop and shoot an hour or so of practice pool, just to unwind a bit before heading home. I suppose that I could also do a quick walk through the market to pick up some incidental odds and ends.  I haven’t been doing very much cooking for the last couple of weeks, so I noticed last night that my cupboard was getting a little bit bare.

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