Saturday, June 29, 2013

Movie Recommendation Imagine Me & You

Today was another low key, simple, and pleasant day.  In about the middle of the day, once the heat had risen and I had slipped inside to bask in the air conditioner, I watched the movie above on the DVR.  I am a fan of both Piper Peraboo and Lena Headey, so when I saw the two of them in a movie together, well, I hit record and there it was.  It is a good little movie, sweet, romantic, and amusing. Definitely worth the watch.

Most of the rest of the day was ordinary.  We are in the early part of a heat wave that is supposed to run through Thursday, so it is going to be nice and slow days of keeping a low profile and avoiding the heading.  I actually just went through the house with the intention of opening it up and letting the evening breeze flow through - but we're not yet there.  The sun set a few minutes ago and the temperature is still hovering around eighty, so I closed the patio doors and fired the AC back up.  I will open everything up when I slip into bed today.

For now, I am watching an episode of Sinbad off the DVR and then I am going to catch the next episode tonight, when it airs at nine. It has been an enjoyable series so far. Of course, as a child, I was a huge fan of Sinbad, originally based on the early movies, then the tales themselves.  I think Sinbad is such a cool character and I think the SyFy series definitely manages to capture what I consider to tbe the spirit of the character.


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