Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scarcely A Ripple

Okay, let's start over.  Sometimes when I go to write an entry here, I get midway through it and I realize it doesn't make a lot of sense or it doesn't serve any purpose.  At that point, I'll often stop myself and start over.

As we go through our lives and listen to our own self-talk, we can become aware of the things that are going on in our minds. Sometimes I find that I have amazingly negative self-talk. I was telling T.R. the other day that sometimes, in the morning, if I happen to struggle to get my contact lens in, I can find myself swearing at the contact lens.  That is pretty pointless behavior.  They are inanimate pieces of plastic.  It's not like they are plotting again me overnight, lying in the case, and the right one says to the left one "Okay, no matter what he does tomorrow, you cling to his finger as tightly as you can, we'll see how many different profanities we can get him to swear!".

So much of our difficulties in life come from those times when our expectations don't line up with the world that unfolds.  We expect the contact lens to go in easily.  They don't.  We swear. Insert pretty much any subject you want in the place of contact lens.  When that happens to me, I need to pull myself carefully into the moment and realign my expectations with the world that unfolds.  That is not always an easy thing to do.  So, today, as I move through the day, I am going to try and be authentically in the moment and not let my expectations get away from me.

It's move of a question of making sure my expectations line up with the world that unfolds - taking those small adjusting movements that pull the world as I want it into alignment with the world that is. The world that is simply is. It is not going to adjust to meet me.  It is simply going to be what it is.  The adjustment has to happen on my part.  So, I think that will be the theme of my day - adjustment - adjust and see if the worlds will line up and I can move through them with scarcely a ripple.  Wish me luck.

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