Monday, June 10, 2013

A Slightly Different Day

Habit is a strange thing.  We adopt habits over time to smooth the edges off of the routine of daily life. We adopt them to make the process of the day simpler, to develop expertise in something, and to make the decision tree of the day simpler.  But, once the pattern of habits burns in, should we ever want to change those habits, we have a struggle ahead of us. They are strong patterns, reinforced over time, and it takes a tremendous amount of motivation and energy to break free of them.  I think it would be interesting to study and read up on habits.  I may make that a short term learning task.  They are on my mind this morning as I move through a windy and quiet morning, having slightly altered two habits and basked in the slightly a different world. What I would like to do is try and carry that slightly different day into the working world.  On of the things I find myself in a struggle with at work are the habits - the routines of many years and the energy it takes to try and break free of them.  Perhaps I should enter the day with the mantra of "Do Something Different".

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