Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Bad Day At Black Rock

It’s been a bad day at Black Rock.  I keep trying to reset the day and I keep banging into a wall.  I was hoping for a productive morning, but instead, it has been a morning of small interruptions. All valid of course, but interruptions none the less. Little nickle and dime things that mainly serve to irritate me.  Because I have had the edge of a head ache (allergy related) for the last couple of days, it is making me more irritable then usual.  Though, thinking about it, work can make me nice and irritable anyway. 

Then boom, it is seven hours later. That is one of the interesting things about working in draft - the reader generally has no idea of any time lapse that occurs.  The day was not good.  On the plus side, I did manage to get one thing done - however, it was not the single thing that I wanted to try and get done today.  I am going to count the single thing as a win though and make a break for the door.  I may come back online from home for another entry tonight.


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