Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Well, Wednesday

Well, Wednesday was a busy day. I spent the first couple of hours of the morning working on a report and analysis request.  I did what was requested but, as I was going through it I could see that what they had requested really didn't answer the question they were trying to answer.  So, I had to design and run another report that gave them the answer they were looking for. 

I often wish our director would tell us the question she was trying to answer, rather then tell us the report she wanted. Because she doesn't really have a grasp on the intricacies of the systems or the data, so often asks for data that doesn't answer the question she is trying to answer. Of course, I've long suspected she doesn't under the basics of data analysis.

After that, I had a series of three quick meetings, then lunch with a vendor representative at Tao Tao in Sunnyvale.  It was nice to meet someone that I work with on a regular basis in person. I headed back to the office from there.  Another couple of hours at the office spent working my way through my backlog of email and then homeward. 

I want to get a dual monitor stand so I stopped at Fry's.  They had one, but it was a return and missing pieces.  So, I checked Central Computer, but they did not have one.  I think I will have to order one from on line.  I may check the other Fry's tomorrow to see if they have one there.

Once I was home I made dinner. Then, I watched an episode of Longmire.  I followed that with a brief online chat with TR online, and that brings me right into this moment. I am sitting at my desk in my living room listening to The Pogues and bobbing my head up and down.  I love the Pogues - some of their music requires you to jump up and dance around - which I have already done two or three times as the music has moved me.

If you can listen to "The Sunny Side Of The Street" and not feel the need to start madly dancing around, then you've got far better control then I have!

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