Monday, August 19, 2013

Frustration Paralysis

There is a wall on Monday’s.  I slam right into it when I hit the office door. Unfortunately, I don’t have the common sense to bounce off and go home.  I am not really sure why it is there.  I think it may have something to do with the rhythm of our work.  I am sure many people in the corporation, like me, struggle with the problem of too much work and not enough available hours.  Consequently, they work over the weekend, moving things around. Unfortunately, many of those moving things land on me. (I am sure they, whoever they are, catch their share of moving things as well - it’s not some great work conspiracy aimed at me.)  So a significant part of Monday is spent moving things around.  Then, once I have them moved around I can actually work on something productive.  It’s frustrating, but it also is what it is.  I would like to live in a more ordered work universe, but I don’t see that happening under our current leadership.

Outside of the Monday Morning Collision I had a pretty good weekend.  It was mostly nice and relaxed.  I saw a pair of movies that were enjoyable, though not great.  I had a couple of good meals.  I watched a spot of TV. I finished reading the latest Dean Koontz “Odd Thomas” book.  I started reading Orson Scott Card’s “Earth Afire”.  I had a great conversation with T.R. about synchronicity and the multiverse. I spent most of Sunday afternoon alternating between napping and reading. I found the dual Ergotech monitor stand that I was looking for at the Fry’s on Brokaw in San Jose. So, I there really isn’t any space to complain about anything significant.

Here at work Friday was actually a very productive day.  After slamming into the wall of “too many moving parts” I stepped back and spent most of the day simply getting re-organized and that turned out to be highly productive.  Today, once I get through this sweep of morning chaos and a couple of meetings, I anticipate having a very productive afternoon because, at least for most of my tasks, I have them lined out and I can, hopefully, start ticking things off the list.  I am sure I will battle with Frustration Paralysis, but I am sure I’ll be able to punch through it.

(Okay, and right there, I just barely dodged spilling a cup of coffee on my keyboard when it slipped through my fingers.)

I didn’t meditate much this weekend.  Just a morning session on Saturday, I feel that, in my journey toward simplicity, I am once again nearing a breakthrough point.  It seems to be a very cyclical journey to me.  I struggle, I advance in tiny steps, then I breakthrough and rise quickly and then plateau and start the cycle again. I’m at the point where there next step toward simplicity is going to be fairly radical.  I purge things, objects, stuff, and I think I cannot purge much more.  Then, I become aware of the weight of the things I am carrying and I suddenly learn that yes - of all those things I held onto, well, a good portion of them can be sent upon their journey.  What an interesting journey it is.


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