Thursday, August 1, 2013

Some Quick Day Notes

I'm working from home today, which has been nice.  My office is buried deep inside a fairly large building and so I tend to work in a world without natural light.  I've recently reconfigured my working area at home and moved it from the spare bedroom into the living room.  The living room is spacious and well lit, with sliding glass doors on the west wall. With the blinds open the natural light is great, until later in the evening when the sun slams into the room and turns it into a sauna in the summer.

I got some work done this morning, taking a few things out of the to do list, and then I've settled in for a four hour block of meetings, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Additionally, I am sitting here waiting for the arrival of my new sofa, which should be sometime this afternoon. According to my measurements it should come right up the stairs and, with a twist, drop into place. I have my fingers crossed.  We will see how proficient the movers are.

I've still got two hours to go on meetings today, but the afternoon meetings are mostly listen only meetings, so that should make the day kind of relaxing, all in all.  I think, if the sofa arrives early enough,  I am going to head out and get some sushi tonight.  It has been a while since I have saddled up to the old sushi bar. 

I've got a fairly large questionnaire for discovery that I need to attack today, so that is my afternoon plan here at work.  It is kind of a crazy thing as two different parts of our organization have overlapping projects driving in the same direction. I happen to be on both project teams, along with a half a dozen people.  We were in a meeting for the first project yesterday and I asked the crucial question of "Why are we doing this when it has been overtaken by the other project."  The short answer turned out to be "Because no one has told us to stop.".  I can only shake  my head at that.

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