Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Redefining A Lucky Day

I swear that, sometimes, I count it a lucky day if I get as much as an hour of productive time here at the office. Under that standard today is a lucky day.  It was mostly a day of one off tasks and chaotic meetings and weird data requests.  We have a real bad tendency here at the office to try and make decisions off single data points. Layer that on top of a tendency to strip numbers of context and a tendency to rely on over-simplification and you end up living in a world of data driven decisions that really aren’t. As an analyst this both amazes me and frustrates me.  I shouldn’t complain too loud though since it also employs me.

On the plus side of the day lunch was very good.  I went to the Mexicali Grill in Santa Clara for the enchilada suiza, which is one of my favorite dishes at that restaurant. That was a nice break from the office.  I often people watch when I am on lunch and simply sit and wonder at the other people on lunch - what they are like, what their workplaces are like, what they are thinking on their lunch hour.  It is pretty each to imagine a room full of people all sitting there watching each other wondering what each person is thinking.  Consider it a massive human people watching feedback loop.

From lunch, I had to dash back to the office for an afternoon teleconference, which just wrapped up. That brings me right into the current moment.  I feel like taking a nap, but I have almost an hour left, then I can head home. My plan at home tonight is to watch the movie “Ruby Sparks”, which TR recommended. I may take a nap before I start the movie. I may just take a nap.



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