Sunday, June 29, 2008

Idle Thoughts & Incidental Things

I had a rare dream last night. I had a classic anxiety dream (being pursued).  I have not had one of them in a long time, so long that I cannot remember the last one.  Most likely it is a result of the downspin from the project stress.  I've been bouncing all around.

I dreamt I was driving down a road and three men tried to stop my car.  I managed to get past them, but somehow the car was damaged and so I pulled into an industrial parking lot and they were pursuing me through the empty buildings in a game of cat and mouse.  In the dream, they never actually caught me.  I reached a place in one of the buildings where I was trapped, and so I picked a spot to turn and fight, and it was at that point where I woke up.  In form it was a classic anxiety dream.

The day has been quiet and enjoyable. I contemplated doing various things throughout the morning, but never did. I have spent the day drinking iced tea, listening to CD's, and wandering about the internet or watching various programs on TV. I watched a couple of episodes of Ghost Hunters and Myth Busters On-Demand.  I went out on the balcony and read for a while.  I chatted with the neighbors on their balcony.  I wrote some email and some real mail. 

I have been trying to write another short story and I have a couple of ideas, but they are still kind of twisting about and unformed.  I did write a short story that didn't go anywhere, so I saved that off to a file and will take a look at it later and see if there is something there worth following up on.

I am still riding along in my Shawn Colvin mood - right now I am listening to "Get Out Of This House". 

"I spent seventeen years trying to save my soul
I spent twenty-three more down in this hole..."

If you have never heard Shawn Colvin I would recommend the Polaroids album, it is a good sampling of her work - some of her original stuff and some covers of other artists songs.

About midway through the day I had a phrase pop into my head.  The phrase was Five Hundred Suns.  I am not sure what it is, or what it means, right now it is just a phrase, but my sense is that it is something I will write about in some more detail - perhaps it is the germ around which an essay or a story will grow.

So, like this entry, the day has been mostly desultory, which is nice.   A day of idle thoughts and incidentalthings.

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