Friday, June 20, 2008

One of Four

One of Four

I've made it through the first of my four days off.  It 100+ degrees out, which is very hot for here. Hell, 100+ is very hot for anywhere!  So, I kept it on a low key today.  Mostly just lounged around the house, relaxed, listened to music, watched some movies, read some.  Was in and out of the swimming pool a couple of times.  Chatted with friends.  Nothing real exciting.  Popped down to the local bar for a was crowdeed, so it was one beer and home.  Hot drunks are just not as entertaining as they used to be. 

I've got several ideas for writing spinning around inside of my imagination right now and I deliberately did not write them down today.  I am letting them twist and turn and build up some creative energies before I turn them loose.  The weatherman is predicting more heat tomorrow, so it may be a repeat of today, with a few variations on the theme.

I was contemplating going over to the coast for the weekend and since I still have three days left, it remains a distinct possibility, but unless the heat breaks, it kind of defeats the purpose.  A nice relaxing day, in my mind, doesn't involve scorching.  It involves cool places and cool drinks and cool thoughts and cool people.

Even tonight my thoughts are mostly just idling along.  I think I will curl up with a book and read myself into the small hours of the night and then lay awake in the darkness and stare at the ceiling and...think...remember...imagine...dream.

Oh wait.  There was something real exciting.  I might tell you about it tomorrow.  It involved a phone call.

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