Friday, June 27, 2008

Orange Blossom Dream

I had a particularly vivid dream last night of a woman who was partially clothed in either a white hawaiian shirt (oversized) with orange blossom patterns, or a white short kimono with orange blossom patterns. I could not clearly see who it was (if it was a really person or not). She had milk white skin so the effect was white on white with the flowering orange blossoms providing the only splash of color.

The dream bordered on what I would call the simply erotic. It was not an erotic dream per se, but the simplicity of the imagery combined to leave me with the lingering feeling of the cleanly erotic. I wanted to feel the contrast of cool silk and warm skin under my hand.

It is the second dream I have had in the last couple of days where a white silk kimono figured prominently in the imagery, first with golden letters and than with orange blossoms. Interestingly to me is the juxtaposition of symbolic meaning. In Japanese the color white is the color of mourning, while the orange blossom is a symbol of the strength of love.

So, I wonder if the dream means that the strength of love is in contrast or comparison to death (lose, mourning)? Or did it symbolize the death of love? Either way, it was an interesting dream that work me, very vividly, at around 1:00 AM Pacific time Friday morning. I had a strong sense coming out of the dream that it wasn't my dream, that instead I had witnessed someone elses dream.

Waking from the dream was followed by a raw cascade of emotions that did not seem to be attached to anything specific - a strong sensual awareness and again that sense of the cleanly erotic. Sent via BlackBerry by AT

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