Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Day, With Waves

Well, I am not really sure how I would define the day.  Today was a significant anniversary that always carries a lot of emotional weight, good and bad. Through the day, I kind of swung back and forth on a pendulum.  It was a good day, but it was a day given to emotional surges.  I am still trying to make sense out of my realization yesterday that the root cause of my troubles in the office is my sense of justice - I am not yet sure what to do about it.

For the rest of the day, I had breakfast at the Hickory Pit, then stopped by Fry's Electronics to buy a new electric razor.  I bought a Braun Series 5 to replace my old Remington. I've had the Remington for about two years, but it was just never quite that good - it wasn't bad, it just wasn't good. I've been meaning to replace it for quite a while and I finally got around to doing it.  So, I may report back in the next day or so about how well it works.  I have my fingers crossed.

After that, I stopped at the market to pick up the one thing I forgot yesterday, green onions, then headed home.  I spent the next two hours in family calls, still dealing with the latest round of drama, and then drove up to Edgies for a couple of games of pool.  After that, I had dinner with Don at a seafood restaurant in Milpitas, then circled home.  I stopped on the way home and took a nice long walk around a shopping center, then stopped at the drug store to pick up some bath soak, then slipped into the air conditioner here at the near end of the day.

I am not sure what my emotional surges were about through the day - there was not any particular pattern, there wasn't any particular subject, nor was there any particular emotion. It was just like I was emotionally raw or emotionally susceptible or vulnerable. I haven't got any particular lesson from it, nor any particular observation.  It just was what it was. A sense of being emotionally vulnerable.

My plan for the rest of the evening is a hot bath, then Longmire, then Falling Skies, then sweet and blessed sleep. T.R. is "off the grill" and I am definitely missing her.  Hopefully, she will be back on the grill tomorrow!

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