Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Haircut, Shower, Dinner, Nap

It was fairly good day today, most of it in meetings, but the other bits of it were productive enough.  I started early so I left early and popped over to get a hair cut.  I noticed on vacation that I was getting a little shaggy.  After the haircut, home for a hot shower, then dinner (seafood salad) and finally a nap.  It wasn't a long nap, maybe 20 or so, twice interrupted, but it was enough to take the edge off the evening.

I am currently watching the season premiere of "Warehouse 13", one of my guilty pleasures and my plan for the evening is to ease into the evening with a bit of television and some incidental house cleaning/adjusting. I haven't decided if I am going to take an evening walk - I've got enough miles today, as I went through the day, so I am tempted to give myself the night off.  I've got a variety of thoughts running through my head, but none of them have really formed into anything solid, so I will wait to write about them in the near future. Perhaps they will pull together before the end of the evening. Perhaps not.

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