Sunday, July 1, 2012

A List For The Day

Today was a quick and full day. (I worked 56 hours in the last pay period, so if it seemed to me like I didn't have any time off, that is largely because - I didn't.)  In order, here were the events of the day.

-Woke, a light breakfast, coffee and a shower.
-Sorted and bagged laundry for a little later in the day.
-Phone call with my mother, feeling the ground out regarding ongoing familial excitement.
-Breakfast with Bob and Tony.
-Tony and I caught "Brave" (outstanding animation, enjoyable story)
-Drove home and picked up my laundry
-Five loads of laundry at the laundromat on San Tomas Aquino Road and Campbell Avenue.
-Bought some strange things at Ace Hardware - six sponges, Elmers spray glue, rubber feet, and a slender dowel.  I am going to do some mad engineer work and see if I can create a vibration absorbing mount for my video camera.
-A late lunch of honey walnut prawns from Tsing Tsao.
-Watched "Kick Ass" on DVD, while folding laundry and doing dishes.
-A nice telephone call with T.R., who is on the verge of starting a Great Adventure.
-Worked for a while, specifically did a stupid survey, sorted email, and worked on project.
-A brief call with my sister.
-A brief exchange of text with my brother.
-Watched the last forty minutes or so of "Snatch".
-Programs the DVR to capture half a dozen movies in the next couple of weeks.
-Wrote this.
-Heading off to bed to read myself to sleep and start again tomorrow.

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