Friday, July 13, 2012

A Simple Friday Note

It's been a good vacation so far. Just some quick notes:

The hotel (the Marriott's Coronado Island Resort and Spa) is excellent, spacious rooms, beautiful grounds, nice pool and spa - in short, an outstanding place.

Coronado Island has been a nice place to hang out, great views of San Diego (I am going to run out tonight and see if I can get some night pictures once the sun goes down).  We've hit some truly excellent food, as you can see from some of the pictures that I have posted.

We spend yesterday downtown, wandering the Con, and then today we went up to the Birch Aquarium and spent as lazy a day as possible.  Tomorrow we'll probably pop back downtown and spend some time in the vicinity of the Con and then, during the evening, we are going to meet the array of Tony's friends at Ponce's for dinner.

It's been a well balanced vacation, with left and right and up and down. I'll write more when I get a window.

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