Thursday, July 5, 2012

Watching Lost In Translation Tonight

Today was a quiet day at work. After all these weeks of madness that was very nice. I definitely did my best to savor the day, I moved in slowly as I could, I moved as easily as I could, I tried not to carry any drama that I didn't need. I was successful! Tomorrow should be even quieter. I have one hour and a half meeting scheduled in the morning and I'm hoping that after that meeting I'll be able to focus down and get some work done. I'm sort of in a place where I'm waiting for feedback from other team members start really can do anything. Space of course I'm still struggling with the lack of a good engineering process on this project. It's amazing to me that competent personality high levels failed so badly in that aspect.

On the homefront my mother remains ticked off of my sister. You always wish that your family members wouldn't fight, but often there's simply nothing you can do about it. Each individual is responsible for their own relationships and though we can offer advice we cannot mend them. So all you can do is offer them all love and support and hope they find their way through it. My sister has the right of that for whatever that's worth. I imagine that on some cosmic level, some karmic level it matters.on the very human level though being right doesn't protect you from the emotional pain that comes from conflict inside your own family. I hold them close my thoughts and prayers.

T. R. And the kitten posse are on the coast of South Carolina doing kitten posse things. My imagination has danced with all kinds of possibilities most of which appear in my imagination is animated cartoons, though I blame that on the approach of comic con. As I mentioned in an earlier post some time ago we had next to get tickets to the comic con event itself this year. There were problems with the web sales and we missed out. Of course the event is so successful now and so much part of popular culture that the demand is very high. It really isn't the comic con we started attending many years ago, it's morphed into something larger, more bizarre and more Hollywood. None of that is a bad thing and I am sure happy for everybody to get tickets this year you're going to have a great time. I'm going to be there as well, I'm just not going to be in the actual event itself, we'll spend our time in all the unofficial events and all the surrounding events. I've been web surfing to check them out and there looks like there is going to be some exciting stuff going on.

Tonight I've got a rather simple plan, having spent some time writing to TR, I'm going to simply kick back and watch "Lost in Translation" with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johannson. Then it is going to be an early night to bed and maybe a little time reading "The January Dancer".

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