Monday, July 2, 2012

A Day In A Blender

Today was a day. It is approaching 9:00 PM and I am winding the evening down with a few minutes of writing.  What can I say about the day...

It started okay, a good night sleep, the usual morning routine, but then I slammed right into the wall of frustration at work.  The incompetence associated with this project, the absolute lack of any standards or standard practices, is amazing.  For my portion of the project I was supposed to have the configuration done at close of business - but they way this ship is sailing, that was never going to happen. They continue to make changes and I continue to get new requirements into today. This is such an insane process I actually have no idea which direction to go.

Consequently, it was a very unproductive day, I spent most of it re-reading email that I had already read because things keep popping up that they think they covered earlier, but that I can't find any mention of - and so far, when I have checked the documentation trail, well, there is no evidence of any sort of documentation.  Which is actually a good thing because it means that I am not going insane.

So, in need of break from the insanity at work (notice how many times I've used insane or insanity in this entry), I met Tony and his friend Matt at Patxi's in Campbell for pizza after work.  As usual, truly outstanding Chicago style pizza. Good conversation followed and we lingered into the evening.  I came home, logged on, did some work related email, but the day is basically a write off.  I went through my personal mail (finally catching up on the mail from when I was on vacation), then watched the movie "Hesher" on DVR.  That is a strange but amusing movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman. I'd recommend it.

My plan for the remainder of the evening is to curl up and read a few chapters in "The January Dancer", a science fiction novel that I started while I was on vacation in SD.

And oh, I cannot let the day pass without denoting a monumental event.  For all the time I have known T.R. she has spoken of her desire to move to Charleston and open a small shop there.  (Six plus years now.) Today, with her Kitten Posse (as she calls her circle of family and friends), she made the move - she is now in Charleston. My heart soars at that.  So many people in this world have dreams and then never pursue them, in thrills me and inspires me to know that she is following hers. I cannot help but be excited for her!

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